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Magnolia Tree Needs A Quick Trim in Gene's Germantown Yard

About this Gig

Here's an outdoor gig that will be fast to complete!  

Gene's Germantown yard features a magnolia tree that needs a few 3" thick branches trimmed with a saw that you will have to provide.  He asks that once trimmed, that the branches are cut into small enough pieces to be easily bundled.  

Weather permitting, there are still leaves left from a fall clean-up that require raking and bundling; Gene does have a rake.  He estimates that the complete job will take 1-2 hours tops. 

Gene is a senior with disabilities and looks forward to having a tidy yard. 

If you are interested in mowing his lawn spring - fall, please let us know! He is interested in ongoing lawn care too.


Philadelphia, PA 19138

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Gardening/Shrubbery Trimming
1 Volunteer Needed

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