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Faina needs leaves raked in Bustleton Area


About this Gig

Faina, a senior residing in the Bustleton area, has requested a volunteer for yardwork, specifically:  raking and bagging leaves, placing bagged leaves on curb, trimming 5 bushes, and placing a treatment on the trunks of 2 small bushes.  This opportunity requires that you bring your own gloves, rake, hedge clippers/trimmers, and bags for leaves.  JRA can reimburse for bags.  

Faina will be home when the volunteer arrives, please knock on her door when you arrive. 


Philadelphia, PA 19116

Map It

Date Completed

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Completed By

Emily Glazer

Thanks for your interest in this gig however this one is no longer available. Click here to find others like it.