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Sheetrock, steps need fixing. Professional


About this Gig

7/21/17. Review Apricot file for details. Completed by John Davis. $400 to fix the steps only. LB

6/26/2017.  Reviewed the original 3/18/17 JRAid intake and realized that the request for Sheetrock replacement was not addressed and not added to the original Apricot gig. After speaking to Mary directly, the original 2nd floor leak had been fixed by a city agency. They did not fix the damage on the 1st floor.  Mary has homeowners insurance that only covers fire. Work that needs to be done includes:  2 window screens were pushed out of their frame by a falling tree - the tree is still embedded. Sheetrock replacement needed for the dining room and kitchen ceilings (from leak) and separate Sheetrock needed to patch hole in parlor wall. Truck recently smashed the outside 4-step concrete staircase and it's crumbled.  Truck hit and run so no insurance coverage available.  Handrail is OK and does not need to be replaced. Allison will ask John Davis carpentry for estimate.(LB)


Philadelphia, PA 19148

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Date Completed

Friday, July 21, 2017

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